“True healing is the willingness to treat
yourself and others better than the past ever did.”
— Matt Kahn

The opportunity for connection with others is a gift. I am passionate about walking the path of healing with individuals who need someone to embark on the path to wholeness and healing. One of my favorite quotes by Matt Kahn is  “True healing is the willingness to treat yourself and others better than the past ever did.” We are all products of our life experiences, I believe that each of us possesses an inner strength that at times is buried or forgotten. Engaging in therapy is a way to discover our inner strengths, and gifts, and access resiliency that we may not realize we possess. It is a privilege to be a part of this journey with others as they seek for healing, authenticity, and wholeness.

Holly Wilson completed her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Westminster College. She completed her undergraduate studies at Texas A & M University, majoring in psychology with a minor in neuroscience.  Since, that time she has worked in a renowned residential treatment center. Holly has worked extensively with adolescents, couples, and families. Holly is passionate about attachment issues and strengthening the individual as well as the entire family system.


* Adolescents                      *  Trauma                                        * Couples                                      * Attachment Issues

* Substance Use                  * Depression                                   * Social Skills                                * Anxiety

* Body Image                      * Life Transitions                              *  Eating Disorders                        * Grief and Loss

* Resiliency                          * Mindfulness                                 * EMDR                                         * Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

* Family Therapy                 * Couples Therapy                          * Sexual Abuse                              * Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

* Adoption                         * Healthy Relationships                    * Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)          


  • EMDR Trained
  • Gottman Couples Counseling Level 1 Training
  • Intensive Trauma Training
  • Experiential Sand Tray Training
  • Play Therapy Training
  • Member of ACA