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"I see my role as a therapist as a sacred trust. To be invited into the deep catacombs of one's heart and serve as a container holding space for the emotions of one's life experience is an honor to be a part of. I engage in this work because I believe in the worth, inherent strength, and wisdom of each soul. I know healing is possible when given the tools, supportive space, and time to do so."

Bethany received a Masters of Social at Brigham Young University in 2012 and became an LCSW in January of 2015. Bethany sought out extensive training in play therapy to become a Registered Play Therapist in 2016. Her therapeutic style is grounded in a non-directive client centered approach with strong usage of directive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques as well as Sand Tray Play Therapy with all ages. Bethany is especially passionate about working with individuals who have experienced trauma or attachment wounds, who are dealing with loss, or who battle anxiety and perfectionism. She incorporates Dan Siegel's Whole Brained Child method, the Love and Logic Parenting approach, and material from the Arbinger Institute when working with parents. Bethany came to Grandview Family Counseling in 2018 after being involved in a wilderness therapy program serving teenagers, young adults, and their families.